Saturday, November 21, 2009

i need a vacation..

my life is so flat nowadays. i need a refreshment. i need a vacation.
venezuela maybe? im craving to go to this place.. *sigh*

hel-o !!

after a million month i haven't touch this blog..
now im back..
actually i want to write a million story..
tp ya g mungkin donk yaah..bisa jd berapa page coba yah..
sebenernya ini lbh ke ngga ada kerjaan nya gw sih..
and also i have to learn how to be a good writter since my major is in communication,
and i feel so bad in writing of anything.
(and i write "and" a lot!)
maap, masi canggung..uda lama ngga nulis *pembelaan*
so here i am, start all over again with blogs.

erm..what to tell yeah?
first, now im 20 already..and what is the different?
a LOT!
bout life for example..
ngga banyak yang berubah sebenernya,cuman lebih ke proses pendewasaan aja.
dalem ngadepin orang-orang, ngadepin masalah hidup (caaah!)
gw makin dtuntut untuk lbh banyak mengerti aja.
ngilangin sifat-sifat buruk gw seperti : pelupa, cuek, jorok, panikan, clueless, and be more inisiatif.
dan jg gimana gw ngadepin orang2 yg berbeda. gw dtuntut untuk bisa lebih wise dbanding sebelum nya.

Ternyata..angka 20 tuh lebih tough dari yg gw bayangin yah.
especially taun 2009 ini, buat gw adalah taun yang paling "seru" mnurut gw,
seru dalam artian, banyak dilema-dilema yg bisa jadi pelajaran buat gw.
banyak hal di taun ini yg bisa gw ambil untuk jadi pelajaran hidup gw.
yaa..g bisa gw crtain smwa sih disini, in my other post kali yah. bisa pjg bgt klo gw tulis dsini smwa. hehe

at the end, gw harap..abis ini, i can write more than this.
this is the starter.
still working on my writing. heuhe
ill see u in my next post.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

my colour checking result is: a PURPLE MONKEY?!?


You are Purple Monkey who is a straight forward, cheerful and honest person.
You are not very emotional, but work hard and have been smart enough to do errands around home from early ages.
You are clever with your hands too.
You give an impression of being unpretentious, and you are rather short tempered who would carry out everything by yourself.
You set your goal too high, and sometimes experience frustrations in trying to achieve it.
You like to take care of people and are kind and generous person.
You can not walk pass someone who is in trouble.
You take great care of your family and those who are working under you, and your attitude may be seen as too muc interference.
You will not be influenced by emotions, and you can make rational and modern decisions.
Your career will not be affected.
You tend to be rather cautious, and sometimes show unnecessary competitiveness.
This may cause friction in your personal relationship.
If you carry things actively on your own, you may suffer hardships.
You should lay back and let the time resolve things.
Your weakness lies in lack of planning.
You can show perseverance, so you should forecast the future before putting into action.
After getting married, you will carryout housework perfectly, and will be a good wife and a mother.You can make sound decisions.

got it from "".

hmm..that's it?? u answer it.

late night movies syndrom..

its 4:19 in the morning.
and i just finished watching my movies.
its "Lost In Love", film yg baru aja gw tonton..
dan (again..) its impact me, okey..maybe a lot..
heu. biasa kan gw..
sangat cepat sekali terlarut dlm sebuah drama film.
apa lagi ini film bner-bner "such a teenager's drama movies".
cowok cuek, yg punya pacar seorang cewek berpikiran childish,
yg sangat berharap banyak dr cowok nya.. (hmm..sounds familliar?)
hmm..wat can i say..
whatever it is..yg pasti buat gw,this film, its not like another type of an indonesian's movies.
yg isi nya hal-hal basi to the max!
jadi,(oke gw sedang melakukan pembelaan dsini..) wajar klo gw terbawa esmosii ama film ini. emg paling okee dahh! hehe :)
eum, the other thing is..
hubungan gw ama yudha, amazingly malah makin membaik.
makin manis,
dan makin (seperti tokoh adit d film td, zzz -__-) berusaha untuk jadi seperti apa yg gw mau.
pertanda? nothing. so far..masi blm ada niat untuk ksitu gw.
hm. dan..f*d**
he looks more gorgeous for me..arrghh
kenapa musti anak gawuull ABG itu sii..heu. lupakan., got to sleep now. bye!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

weird thing happens today..

someone has confess his long long time ago's feeling..
dan kenapa aneh buat gw krn, he's the one of my ex's buddies and he's my BF chairmate when i was in highschool.
hm..cmn klo d pikir2 sii, g aneh jg sii.
i mean, its a normal feeling that will be appear when u're to closed with someone (dmn dsini mksd gw adalah dengan yg lawan jenis yaa :P) and this is the most "sinetron" parts for me.. dimana di buktikan nya bahwa rasa benci itu tipis bgt ama rasa sayang.
hahaaaaayyyy!! najis ga siihhh....
krn dulu, gw ama dia ituu seriiing bgt berantem..
trs jg dia itu duduk nya d dpn gw,
hm..makin sering lah itu berinteraksi ama dia.
dan ternyata..dia memendam rasaa...
haha. gw hr ini rada sedikit lebay seperti nya pemilihan bahasa nya. heu -___-
cmn yah..krn dia jg tau, gw pacar sahabat nya..yah he can do nothing..
jadi yasudaahh..dsimpen ampe skrg dia confess ama gw.
oke, its weird enough for me, soal nya gw g kebayang aja bakal dia yg ngmng kyk gtu ke gw..
yasuw. ud pagi. hindari tdur pagi, krn sedang proses penggendutan...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

still ...

will it be forever ..
even with the different situation in each day and time..

3rd april 05 - forever ( i wish ) ..

then it comes the time ..

ga kebayang bakal begini rasanya..
i know, it will comes the time, when we have to pulled off each other..
cuman, masi ga kebayang ama gw, bakal bgini rasanya..
and the truth is, it really hurt.
its different when i make my decision to end up this relationship.
i thought it wont be really hard, coz i made this.
i want this.
but i cant pretend that i feel so hurt when i realize, that he started to let me be his past.
coz, this past few days..dia selalu nunjukin klo, i can be without you.
g secara gamblang, but i can feel it, i think..
and i didnt expect that it will be this hurt...
and yes, maybe i wont hold you any more longer...